Facebook Hashtag Game


Event period:2 May 2023 – 31 May 2023

How to join:
1) Complete the registration form: https://bit.ly/41kpFGT
2) Choose a theme from “SMART Exercise” (智運動), “SMART Outing” (智郊遊), “SMART Eating” (智飲食), or “SMART Leisure” (智休閒) and take photos of parent-children activities related to the theme.
3) Share your photo on Facebook, add a short description and end with “Our happiest parent-child moment is ________”.
4) At the end of the post*, add specific hashtags: #智分享 #SmartFamilyActivity #智FUN享親子時刻 and theme hashtags (#智運動/ #智郊遊/ #智飲食/ #智休閒).
*Set the post as “public”

🎁 Each participant will receive a printed photo as a souvenir
Gold (10 quotas): Bluetooth speaker, wired earphones and a selfie light
Silver (10 quotas): Bluetooth speaker, wired earphones
Bronze (80 quotas): Bluetooth speaker

Judging criteria:
Theme and content (60%): whether the content conforms to the theme; whether the specific hashtags and wordings are included in the post.
Visual effects (20%): Photo ideas/ effects.
Creativity (20%): Creativity and originality of photo and content.

Terms and conditions:
1) Each Facebook account can publish more than one post.
2) Participants must be responsible to ensure the originality of the work and own the copyright of the work.
3) The photos may be publicly displayed and promoted. The organizer has the right to save the works and use them for promotional purposes.
4) The posts must not involve any commercial activities and publicity, and must not contain defamatory, insulting, obscene, pornographic, slandering, abusive, infringing on the privacy of others, personal attacks or offensive content

#智分享 #SmartFamilyActivity #智FUN享親子時刻

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