Service Management System

The service management system “i-Connect”, newly developed by the SMART Family-Link Project Team, for IFSCs and ISCs, serves as a digital and tailor-made portal in which client information, casework, groups and programmes management, assessment tools, statistical reports and other administrative functions, are neatly stored and managed. The system will facilitate early identification of at-risks cases and perform data analysis, enhancing family service delivery.

Starting from pilot testing phase in early 2019, the Project Team has been running briefing sessions to introduce and explain to NGO Project Partners the various elements of i-Connect, ranging from Case Management, Genogram creation tool, Address-Boundary Checking function, to Speech-to-Text tool. Participating IFSC social workers respond very positively and heartily, and share with us a lot of valuable comments on improving the practicality of the system. Besides, the Project Team is also investing time on developing and updating other functions, which include Family Aide Service, Form Builder, Smart Guide, Assessment Tool Integration, Data Visualization and i-Connect Assistant (mobile application). Our Team is as well assisting to migrate existing case information on family service to the i-Connect database. As of the current production trial stage of the system, the Project Team has completed a series of system health monitoring work, security and privacy impact assessments, onsite or offsite training workshops for IFSC/ISC staff, and data migration. i-Connect has been rolled out to NGO partners since December 2019 and we expect all the participating NGOs to join the production trial by June 2021. ​

Participating IFSCs will be equipped with electronic hardware and ICT applications to enhance service delivery. It is hoped that i-Connect will not only improve the quality of services rendered by frontline staff through leveraging ICT, but also help gather data on individual, community, and systemic levels, in order to evaluate the overall Project impact and benefit future family service planning.

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