Family Service Enhancement Leveraging ICT

To encourage more social workers to apply ICT in service delivery and programme planning in family services, the Project Team and Partners will co-create ICT tools, such as mobile applications, interactive games and many others. We will also provide both onsite and offsite training or support to allow more effective service execution. Thus far, 12 interactive ICT games have been put into use; 15 family-friendly mobile games including “Follow Me!”, “摘星故事2”, “情緒達人”, “情緒達人ABC”, “情緒達人D”,  “智癒花園填色冊”, “智放鬆”, “智運動”, “智情緒‧智深情”, “智情緒‧智深情2.0”, “智情緒‧智深情3.0”, “智內在‧Mindstagram”, “智‧家‧樂”, “智‧家‧樂2.0” and “”智‧家‧樂3.0” are also available on app stores for free downloading. These i-Action tools complement the 5 SMART themes of the Project, hoping that our NGO Project partners could further enhance service level. They will then be able to appeal to more children and adolescent users with their family services from an interactive and fun angle, so as to reach out to family service users more widely.

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